How to avoid “Death by PowerPoint”

Here are some useful hints and tips to help you make the most of your presentations.

  • Don’t put too much text on your slides - your audience will be straining to read it and not concentrating on what you are saying.
  • Five or six bullet points per slide are enough - if you try to squeeze more in, the text gets too small and the audience will struggle to read it and not concentrate on what you are saying.
  • Don’t make the animations too intricate - the audience will again not be listening because they are trying to work out how you have done it!
  • Do use key words and memory hooks as bullet points - the slides will be more punchy, and you can always include notes on the printouts.
  • Make sure the formatting is the same throughout the presentation.
  • Rehearse before the presentation - it is always good to get a second opinion!
  • Don’t make the presentation too long - there is only so much information your audience can absorb - you need to be to the point, not laboured.
  • Make it interesting and use words that your audience can relate to - too much technical jargon can send your audience to sleep.

If you want to produce professional, interesting PowerPoint presentations - why not book a training session? Your staff can be trained on how best to configure and prepare a presentation either from scratch or from a template.

My PowerPoint experience include the following:

  • Preparing professional, quality presentations for a variety of clients
  • Researching and preparing presentations to enable the audience to understand the subject
  • Preparing templates for my clients, ensuring that the material used reflects their corporate image.
  • Changing the formatting of a presentation to enhance the appearance and ensure a professional finish
  • From data provided, using relevant points to provide a concise and interesting presentation
  • Adding animations, video clips and music to enhance presentations